Friday, October 31, 2008

iso50: Scott Hansen is Brilliant!

Talk about some great graphic design and fantastic music! Scott Hansen delivers his creativity and so much more to the vistors of The print to the left is his work "arbor" which I am now the new proud owner of. I have two other prints of his as well and will be putting together an awesome wall display of his work.

His website features more than great design work available by poster or t-shirt. Hansen is also a musician and once you enter his exhibit his music will start playing. What you will hear is his project known as Tycho. Ambient house music that ebbs and flows flawlessly with more depth than the ocean.

There is also a blog you can follow as well as posts of other artists work and even some vintage work that no doubt serves as an influence over Scott's creative process.

This is one website you will definitely want to check out. The prices for his work are affordable and if displayed correctly will give you that edge over your friends' decor that you may be looking for. Even if you aren't the competive type you will surely have a piece that will spark many converstions. The detail in his work and the fact that Hansen stays true to the retro seventies look in every print might make it difficult to choose which prints you will order... but I am sure you will want to order something.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Doug Fir

The music below is a collection of some of the best artists that will be performing at the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland during the month of November. It's line-ups like this that make me wish Portland was sunny so that I could move there. The Doug Fir is absolutely one of the best places in Portland to catch small intimate shows where you can get right up to the stage and hear very diverse music on almost every night of the week. There is always a good mixture of up and coming artists as well as some of Portland's own finest. One great show there that I could not find music for is a Portland band named DERBY. You can find them on myspace or at I will be seeing them in Corvallis at the Bombs Away Cafe on November 8th and I can't wait! So check out the Doug Fir website and if you can, check out a show or two this month. (hint: Nov. 14th is probably the best of the bunch)

Sunday, October 19, 2008