Saturday, May 9, 2009

i-tunes Killer?

Murderous for the casual music, top 40, or legendary band listeners? No. But for those steeped in the glory of independent music and the wonderment of the unknown, emusic is as dangerous to i-tunes as television viewers with good taste are to the Tyra Banks Show (see: "things on tv in hell" for more).

With a story full of buyouts, pioneering marketing, and growth, emusic has continued to adapt into the triumphant site it is today. Primarily a music store, but including so much more, is unmatched by i-tunes in many ways. Unable to secure the rights to make artists recording on the four big record labels available, emusic has found its niche by offering music from artists found on the world's best independent labels. As a result they have realized very unique and affordable ways to bring music to the masses. A subscription service with varying levels of commitment. Here's what you will experience should you choose to partner with emusic in your quest to find great music.

Affordable music: You can choose the level at which you would like to subscribe and by doing so choose how much you would like to pay per song. With monthly subscriptions ranging from $11.99 to $19.99 and song prices from .40 per song to .25 per song, anyone can find a comfortable price point. Subscriptions are month to month and you can cancel at anytime. Right now signing up comes with a bonus 50 downloads, which means you can get your first months' songs for as low as .13 each. Head to and check out a 25 free download/7 day trial offer with no obligation.

Music Exploration: emusic brings the best of the web to one convenient site. Once on an artist's/band's page, you will find Youtube videos, flickr pictures, reviews, and wikipedia articles all imported and available for you to check out without doing the surfing yourself. Also, and in a very i-tunes 'genius' type way, emusic uses your own tastes in music, including your download information, to suggest new artist and albums for your collection. And while i-tunes may offer a free download only once a week, emusic offers a free download every single day! With special emusic links to Pandora, KEXP, and more... emusic is THE total package when it comes to discovering your music in more meaningful ways.

DRM Free: That's right! All of the music offered on emusic is DRM free (one of the reason why the big four record labels won't do business with them). When you get started you will choose which library you would like your files downloaded to and organized in. All songs are completely compatible with i-pods and Zunes.

Selection: emusic has a library chalk full of the worlds' best independent indie rock, pop, jazz, classical, alt rock, and more. You can find fresh artists like The Decemberists, Stars, Camera Obscura, The Dodos, and many greats like Al Green, Creedence Clearwater and even Nine Inch Nails. In all 4.5million songs can be found on, and with emusic's ability to suggest music to you based on your previous selections, their library comes to your doorstep with minimal searching required.

Extras: With user profiles and a vast online community of other music lovers, emusic allows you to share your tastes and glean knowledge from others. emusic also offers audio book subscriptions at very affordable prices with a great selection of top authors.

The ultimate music exploration and music owning experience awaits you at!