Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sasquatch Support

What makes the Sasquatch Music Festival (held every Memorial Day weekend @ The Gorge Amphitheatre) deserving of Must See status, is more than the headlining acts of the three day event. The bands and artists that make the trek up to Central Washington in order to fill the all day schedule in support of those main acts, typically end up being the bands people talk about on the drive home or when back at camp waiting for the next day's lineup. These 'opening acts' can also be the main draw for ticket buyers who are plugged into the the music world 365 days a year.
This week's article will expose you to a few of the groups you can expect to see at Sasquatch this year. Providing support for the likes of Kings Of Leon, Jane's Addicition, and Ben Harper is a quaint disguise for the fact that these bands could easily headline their own tours and in most cases are.

PASSION PIT: Electro Pop dripping with sincerity and fun. Passion Pit delivers a sound more complex than The Postal Service and deeper than Ratatat. Filled with rocking synth and thumping beats, this Cambridge artist and helpers deliver an uplifting and fanciful sound sure to rock those in attendance at The Gorge. Chunk of Change is the band's EP and precursor to their upcoming full album. Tracks like "I've Got Your Number" and "Better Things" show the thoughtful side of the band's front man and writer, Michael Angelakos. While "Sleepyhead" grabs you by the lapel and throws you instantly into the middle of a swanky dance club in London.

VIVA VOCE: Latin for 'live voice'... Viva Voce is that voice from the seventies, still flourishing today. Formed in 1998 and now, in a round about way, from Portland Oregon, Viva Voce drives away all doubting that drawing on sounds from the past is one of the best ways to be relevant today. With many indie rock bands calling in a little help from the 80's, Viva Voce has dipped their pen in ink a little older and added their own style of folk music to the mix. Not even shy to use bass beats mixed with banjo, Viva Voce is the epitome of indie music. (Check them out early with a show at Portland's Aladdin Theatre on March 28th)

AA BONDY: A sound saturated with the roots of life, AA Bondy and his acoustic guitar tell stories you can lose yourself in. His life is rich and he shares it. For more on this Alabama native you can read his posted Biography @ This is an elegantly written bio and will immediately pluck the reader from their own reality.

There is much more music posted to play along with this article at the bottom of the page. Great intricate sounds from Santogold, wonderful orchestral indie folk pieces from another Portland Oregon favorite, Loch Lomond, and melancholy rock from Sun Kil Moon. In all Sasquatch will provide 3 full days of music that will tempt even those only looking for a good time to fall in love with music in new and meaningful ways. For more on how you can become a part of the landscape painted by the music on this page and a possible life changing concert experience visit