Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Don't Feed The Wildlife of Headlights, (let it feed you)

The second full album listening experience brought to you by Living With Music, is sure to supply you with all the whimsical indie rock you are hungry for on a fall afternoon. The 2009 release Wildlife, by uber talented Illinois band Headlights, drops you right into the middle of life's struggles without you even knowing it. Spend some time getting lost in the lyrics framed by the spiraling rock and drowning melodies, and you will find that much of what is discussed, involves the sometimes impossible tasks of finding love... happiness... and moments of successful bliss. Oddly enough... these elusive feelings can be found within most tracks on the album. The struggling lyrics in songs like Love Song For Buddy, Dead Ends, & We're All Animals are still able to offer a somewhat haunting notion that even within the undeniable difficulties present... hope exists and everything is going to be okay.

This album completely rocks and the entire thing is just a click away... However, I'm willing to guess it will take more than one click for you to be satisfied.

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