Monday, January 18, 2010

Broken Bells- In Charge of TwentyTen

Oxygen: check, Rocket Fuel: check, Ray Gun: check, Space Traveling Music: Double check! Easily a collection of self contained and expansive stories set in space... Broken Bells debut and self-titled album conjures up images of everything from Flash Gordon to Buck Rogers, and even Pigs In Space (without the comedic genius). This music is what 1950's outer space movies would have had in the background had they been serious ventures into the genre.

A collaborative effort between super stellar artist and producer Danger Mouse and The Shins front man James Mercer, Broken Bells might just be the best musical venture launched in 2010. Early it is to make such a prediction... yet layered in all ten tracks might just be the proof. One can't help but start seeing visions of their own music videos for each song (usually animated in my head), as they float easily from melodic electronica to orchestral rock. The experimental production genius of Danger is blatantly evident, while the smooth song writing talents of Mercer require an honest listen. Thank your lucky stars that a preview of this unreleased album accompanies this article!

March 9th, 2010 is the date you need to mark on your calendar if this album does to you what it has done to me. Or go ahead and travel (preferably by rocket ship) over to the band's website and pre-order a copy or a deluxe copy (including a case that plays music when you open it up!), or even get yourself a vinyl LP with a downloadable digital copy. Either way, the gravitational pull of Broken Bells will be very difficult for any serious music lover to escape. Those of you with Brittany Spears and Kris Allen in your CD player today or who only listen to your local Z100 radio station might just find that none of Newton's laws apply to you.

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