Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dom: Sun Bronzed Greek Gods

If you’ve got 60 minutes to listen to some new music, you’ll be able to blaze through Dom’s 19 minute long, debut EP “Sun Bronzed Greek Gods” three times. It’s probably a good idea you do just that. The first time will serve to get you hooked on the dance rock beats and youthful melodies, the subsequent listen will force you to take notice of the lyrics, and the third will wrap it all up nicely in one completely enjoyable package.

For lovers of Passion Pit and Metric, this electric rock EP starts off with the seemingly patriotic anthem “Living In America” and declares “…forget all you haters, U.S.A. is for lovers!” What follows the first track are 6 more anthems with great lo-fi vocals covering mostly stories about relationships and some ecstasy use. Except for a beach inspired guitar interlude toward the end of the EP’s 5th track :”Rude As Jude”, much of Sun Bronzed Greek Gods unfolds using garage rock greatness and polished drum driven bridges.

Dom is a band from Massachusetts, and also the name of the elusive lead singer (who refused to give his last name to an interviewer from Pitchfork last month). However, with the success this EP is likely to bring the band, it’s unlikely the mystique surrounding the 22 year old will last long. The album is sure to become a summertime staple and supporters will eventually root out more info about him. For now be content with knowing him through his music… it’s not a bad insight at all.

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