Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Christmas Present 2 U

This will most likely be my last post of the year 2008, so I wanted to leave you all with a nice little Christmas present. The band featured this week is called Empires. They are a fantastic traditional rock band from Chi-town. After forming in 2006 and then spending all of 2007 writing and recording. 2008 saw the release of their labor in the completed album "Howl". Howl delivers rock tracks with varying influences and styles. From the obvious rock style of Duran Duran on "Valmont" to the acoustic softness of the album's final track "Hayley". For those that would like to discover a rock band so unknown you can't even find them on i-tunes... this is the group for you.

And now the best part and my present to you... head on over to and you can download this album FOR FREE! That's right... Empires is putting themselves out there to be noticed by making their first album available at no cost to you. So go download this album and give it a listen while you are driving to your holiday destinations. Merry Christmas and I will return after the first of the year with new music to get you going!


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happydude said...

Thanks for the Christmas present, buddy! Music from you is always a great gift!