Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tycho Music Provides

Tycho, the music project by iso50's Scott Hansen, is capable of providing that necessary disconnet from your crazy thoughts provoked by a crazy day at the office. It is also capable of providing wonderful background music for school work, book reading, and for sure blog writing.

This triumphant ambient music has depth, soul, and promise. With shows typically perfomed in San Fransisco (the artists home), it is unlikely we will see Hansen bring Tycho up into the Pacific Northwest. But his music can definitely be enjoyed to it's fullest regardless of access to a live performance.

Life can be found in this music. It's amazing how sitting back and letting the sounds unfold will take your mind to different places each time you listen. One moment you might be driving on a coastal highway as the sun sets over the ocean and the next you will be soaking in a steaming spring. One might even lose themselves in a peaceful nap where worlds have a way of becoming much more than we could ever imagine while awake.

This music is available for purchase at as are many of Scott Hansen's prints and t-shirts that were mentioned in a previous article. If this is the kind of music you like than this is a must own for your colleciton. It's also great music to show off to friends as most have probably not heard of Tycho before.

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