Thursday, November 20, 2008

Room For One More?

With Jack Johnson, Matt Costa, & G. Love dominating the sometimes sugary island pop rock scene... Another surfer turned rocker, Donavon Frankenreiter is making sure there is room enough for his own brand of soul & jazz infused feel good music on that island.

It's no surprise that he is friends with all of the above artists or that he often times plays with them in concert and on albums. What might surprise however is the different shape his music can take when performed live. While Jack Johnson typically remains true to his album recordings, Donavon is not afraid to explore the wonderful world of 70's soul and funk. Take a trip over to and settle into the complete live album "The Abbey Road Sessions". A rare treat to find an entire recording posted on Myspace. Abbey Road Sessions delivers a variety of musical treats including a shared performance with another little know music great, The White Buffalo.

Donavon's latest album "Pass It Around" has him on tour through the winter and continuing into the spring. His sunny music will be just the thing to warm up a Pacific Northwest winter and you can be part of that! Frankenreiter will be bringing his show to our area for two nights. The first will be Friday Feburary 26th at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland and the second will be the very next night in Eugene at the Wow Hall. Presale tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10am. This will be my first concert of 2009 and I suggest you make it yours as well! Give the music I have posted on here a listen and see if you don't make room for Donavon's music amongst your Jack Johnson and G. Love collection.

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happydude said...

Are you going to the Portland show?! I want to go with you, if that's the one you're going to!