Saturday, November 1, 2008

Black Cab Sessions

It's not that often that a music based website comes along that can be described simply as "brilliant", but that's exactly what is. The brain child of Just So Films aided by Hidden Fruit, Sessions delivers stunning acoustic performance after stunning acoustic performance by some of today's most talented artists all from the back seat of a British cab. Unorthodox? Yes… Unforgettable? For sure!

In the back of a cab, these solo acts and groups alike, must deliver solid musical and singing performances while driving through city streets and without the comforts of large scale drum sets, pianos, and even some band members ( I should note that the occasional group does find a way to bring in a very small amp). The songs are all recorded in one take adding still more to experience. A good portion of today's studio music lacks much in the way of raw talent; this site refreshes by exposing artists that need not the use of voice enhancers and studio make-overs in order to sound pure… They merely are pure.

The Sessions are divided up into chapters, of which there are currently sixty four to delight your ears and soul. Performances range from the established Death Cab for Cutie to virtually unknown but crazy fun, Lykke Li (the video of which is featured in my first post below). In between are treats and delights for all. If you are serious about music, take a stroll, or ride rather with the artists featured on Black Cab Sessions. The videos do take a bit of time to buffer and that is the only draw back to the site. But the music is completely worth it. Make sure not to leave until you check out one of the best this site has to offer.
The Kooks: This British quartet is featured in chapter 25. A band that has experienced lightning success since the release of their first album in 2006, The Kooks are putting their own stamp on UK pop rock. The cab in this video only had room for two of the band's members, and they treat you with two great double acoustic guitar performaces.

Sample Below: UK's Badly Drawn Boy

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