Friday, November 14, 2008

Best Of The Missed

Unfortunately not every single concert worth attending can be attended by someone like myself who works for a living... I suppose if I were lucky enough to get a job writing artist reviews for a music magazine then going to concerts could be what I did for a living. But until that day comes, I will be forced to prioritize my concert experiences and limit myself to those I can attend without doing too much damage to my bank account and the rest of my social life.

Posted in the music player at the bottom of the page is music by some of the artists I really wanted to see this year and just couldn't make it happen. As a result they will be at the top of my list for shows next year if they happen to venture near the Pacific Northwest. Two of the artists featured actually have shows coming up very soon in Portland. The first will happen December 12th when Vampire Weekend takes the stage at the Crystal Ballroom and the second January 27th when Adele highlights the calendar at the Wonder Ballroom. The first show I already know I will not be attending, yet I continue to be hopeful for Adele.

The rest of the artists featured have no scheduled dates for this area that I can find at this time. All but Monte Montgomery were in Portland sometime in the last few months, so it is likely they will return. Especially Jeremy Fisher who just lives across the border in Vancouver B.C.. For those of you that stay long enough to listen to all of the music, there is a special acoustic treat in the last song. When Will I, by Monte Montgomery shows that this guy can play and he will be a can't miss show for 2009.

As the concert series unfolds for the next year, stay tuned to this blog for updates on great shows coming our way. I won't let you down with my recommendations.

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