Sunday, November 2, 2008

Stretch Your $$$

It's the time of year again when shopping deals abound! If you find it difficult to search through every retail website... If you have difficulties finding time on Thanksgiving to look through all of the black friday ads... If you just need more buying power out of your dollar... Then look no further than This is a site that not only provides you with the newest black friday ad info BEFORE it reaches the newspapers. It also collects information on hot deals that are available right now!

The first page displayed contains the early released black friday ads. Currently Sears and Walgreens are the two big ones out. Each post will list the deals that will be available the day after Thanksgiving. Some items will have links to the store's website so you can get model numbers on electronics and search the web for reviews or actually see a picture of an ambiguous item description. Ads will continue to be posted as the month of November rolls on. Some retailers find out about the posting and force the site to remove their ad (as Big Lots has already done this year). But if you check it often enough you will catch a glimpse of pretty much everything that will be offered this year.

Clicking on the "Hot Deals" or "Coupons" tab at the top of the page will take you to great deals that you can take advantage of today! It is a collection from many different store websites and a wide variety of items. Clothing to jewelry and yes of course... home electronics. Much of what is offered this year including TVs from DellHome include FREE SHIPPING!

With consumer spending continuing to dip and inventories continuing to rise. Prices this year will tempt you like you have never been tempted before. The economy may be hurting some people but an economy like this might allow the rest of us the ability to deck out our theatre systems with state of the art components or purchase a plethora of toys for needy children. However you decide to use these great prices to your advantage... you can definitely bring a smile to some one's face.

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