Monday, February 2, 2009

Future Faces Of Music

It's cutting edge music at it's sharpest! Noisetrade offers the patient listener the best of tomorrow's musicians. If you are at all like me... you'll want to get in on them now via before you get annoyed by hearing their songs in commercials or drifting from the next cubicle over; played by the person who has no idea what good music is until it's on the radio and then acts like they were the first to know about them... even though it's the band's third album.

Noisetrade is a sharing site for artists trying to increase awareness of their music. Downloads of entire albums, EP's, and song samplers are made available through this unique and very "Radioheadesque" way. Artists join the community... post their music... and then offer it to listeners by download one of two ways. Visitors may choose to retrieve their music for free, by providing email addresses to five friends OR choose to pay whatever they would like for the music (minimum one dollar) and help out a budding talent.

There are a variety of genres and varying levels of brilliance. A gem is nothing near as hard to find as a needle in a haystack... but you will definitely need to put forth some effort to find something you will want to either add to your collection or pass on to friends. The site only offers 30 second clips of the available songs but provides links to artists' Facebook and Myspace pages for concert dates and complete song recordings. Featured on this blog are songs from 6 of the bands/artists found on Noisetrade, that I will be watching in 2009. Katie Herzig and Jessica Lee Mayfield have already been to Portland's Doug Fir Lounge this year and I am hoping for return visits in the future.

A special offer available now on Noisetrade, is a great subscription price to PASTE Magazine. As with the available songs, you can choose to pay whatever you want for a one year, 11 issue/11 CD subscription to PASTE (minimum one dollar). I went ahead and kicked them 5 bones for what I am sure will be a year's worth of solid music recommendations and reading/listening material. (special note: the deal does require an automatic renewal for $19.95 at the end of the year unless you cancel your subscription prior to... so watch for it).

Regardless of how much you choose to experience this great website with the freshest music around... I am sure you will find something you will be excited to bring up at the water cooler or turn the volume up on when you have friends in your car.

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